lunes, 29 de junio de 2020

Medina Azahara

    On Thursday, February 6th, the 2nd ESO students from IES Salvador Serrano went to Córdoba to visit the archaeological complex of Medina Azahara and the Mosque-Cathedral and, thus, discover the cultural and heritage of Al-Ándalus in our land, Andalusia. This cultural visit to the Caliphal Capital was carried out together with the students of the same course from CEIPs Pablo Picasso and San Miguel, from La Bobadilla and Noguerones respectively.

   The whole morning was spent in Medina Azahara. There, thanks to the monitors of "Medina Azahara, the brilliant city", they discovered in English all the charms that this city continues to hide and show on its leisurely but interactive tour of its streets, palace, courtyards, gardens... that,  although in a state of archaeological study, they teach and captivate.

   The visit to the Mosque-Cathedral took place after letting the mind rest for a while and regain strength. The religious monument appeared before the group after passing the Cordovan Roman Bridge. The majesty of the Mosque-Cathedral became a haven of peace when entering its courtyard of the orange trees and contemplating the art of stone and spirit. Once inside, we began the historical tour of it: Abd al-Rahmán I, Abd al-Rahmán II, Abd al-Rahmán III, Al-Hakam II and Almanzor, to finish in the Christian area.  The whole visit attracts attention, but we especially paid attention to the quibla wall and, of course, in the mihrab next to the maqsura of the Cordoba aljama mosque.

    The return to our town was presented full of review photos, strengthening ties between teachers and students for the pleasant coexistence and thanks.

   Follow this link ( to go to the trip photo gallery and watch the videos.

Juan Jesús Pérez Marcos
Geography and History

miércoles, 22 de enero de 2020

Bienvenidos al blog

   Este blog se ha creado con la finalidad de mostrar experiencias que se van creando en el IES Salvador Serrano, dentro del Proyecto Bilingüe del centro.

  Aquí podrás informarte sobre actividades realizadas, tanto en el centro como actividades extraescolares.

    Esperamos que disfrutéis de ellas todos los que formamos parte del Proyecto Bilingüe.